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Find your Lot

The Charleston area offers a diverse selection of lots from heavily wooded rural areas to cosy suburban neighborhoods. We have many resources to find exactly the lot you are looking for, in the area you want to build your new home. If you have selected a home plan it is a good idea to consult with a qualified Builder prior to purchasing a lot to check for compatibility.  If you have not selected a home plan, it is important to have a Builder walk a particular lot with you to ensure its suitability for the type of home you are considering.  Call Design Builders at (843) 795-1779 for more information.

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Selecting a Plan

Once you have selected your lot, it is time to select your house plan.  It is important to find a plan that fits on the lot with regard to the setback requirements of the local jurisdiction.  Also, some subdivisions have Architectural Review Boards that will need to approve your plan.  The staff at Design Builders is here to assist you.  Eric Douglas, Project Manager, has many years experience in plan selection. He is available to, first and foremost, assist you in finding a plan that meets the needs of you and your family, and secondly that meets the requirements of the reviewing agencies. 

There are several ways to obtain house plans, sometimes referred to as blueprints.  One way is to hire an architect or plan designer.  Another is to purchase a stock plan from a plan service or directly from the design professional.  Call Eric at (843)795-1779 so he can explain to you the pros and cons of these alternatives.

Custom home builder charleston south carolina SC
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